GradCaster was at maximum capacity, but with graduations launching daily,
we're now accepting a limited number of schools with graduation dates after June 23rd.

We believe...

Virtual Graduations can be impactful.

Why? Because we produce virtual ceremonies that are unique to your school and give your graduates their moment to shine and celebrate.

Scroll below to see how our approach is different...

An established team of video streaming professionals.

GradCaster is a product of Dynamic Videocasting, a leader in live video streaming, created to help schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have the technology, resources, and team needed to assemble high-end remote video production.

Using our exclusive remote recording technology, we are able to create highly produced graduations... 100% virtually! Every student can have their moment "on stage" by using our GradCaster system to record a custom video that is played when their name is read. This is much like a "virtual walk," if you will.

Despite COVID-19, you can still host a meaningful and memorable ceremony for your students.

How GradCaster Works:

We remotely connect with your students and faculty.

Every segment you had planned for your graduation can be achieved virtually. We have proprietary technology to record your students, faculty, and administration using technology they have in their home (a computer with a webcam).

Segments are edited together into an entire graduation.

Once all elements of your graduation are remotely recorded, we assemble the ceremony into one complete production. It is then submitted for your approval.

The graduation is streamed live in realtime.

Using the date and time you request, the graduation will be streamed in realtime, allowing students, friends, and family the opportunity to watch together (even if separated physically).

How Graduations are Streamed:

We stream your graduation ceremony on the date/time you select. The streaming video can be embedded on your website, our GradCaster platform, or by creating a "Watch Party" on Facebook.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a note or call 800-930-0962.